Volleyball VS Soccer?

I have been debating about this for a while now, but I am not really great at making decisions, so I having a hard time deciding. I really like both volleyball and soccer, but I just don’t know which sport is going to be the sport for me, you know? I cannot make this decision for the life of me. I just cannot. I really don’t know..

I like volleyball. I really think that I have the physical ability to be able to play volleyball and that I can have fun with it as well. I think that in the future, as I am doing it, I will not regret wanting to play the sport, and that I will have fun each day I am at volleyball practice or when I have a volley game.

But then again, I really like soccer. I think as well that I could succeed in volleyball, but then again, I don’t really know if I could have a future playing soccer.

Complications right?

I really want an answer, but I know myself that the only person who can give me this answer will be me and that it’s my choice. I know it’s my choice of what I want to play, but I as I said before, I have a hard time choosing anything. I mean anything. Like if you asked me what you want to buy me for my birthday, I would have absolutely no idea. Like even my friend says that the main thing I say is “I have no idea.”. Because that is true, I usually have a hard time making decisions and that is nobody’s fault. It’s just me being indecisive.

I don’t know where me being indecisive came from, it’s just something I have always done. I cannot make major decisions for the life of me, so if you are wondering why this seems like such a major topic to me, it’s because I cannot make decisions. I can make some decisions, like little ones, like ones that don’t matter much.

But if it is a major one, I really think forever on it, and even as I am thinking forever on it, I would never be able to make that decision, given the amount of time I have had to decide.

It’s really a never ending process with me, ya know? I just cannot deal with it. I SIMPLY CANNOT.

So basically, if you ever meet me, DO NOT HAVE ME MAKE A DECISION. I will basically said ‘I don’t know’ and then give you a decision like 99,999,999 years later, and by then, the answer you need you will already have, so I will have wasted  99,999,999 years of life to make a decision that a regular person could make in like five or less minutes.

So if you read this, HELP. PLEASE.



  1. I would chose soccer because that It is fun, then again volleyball is in the olympics, then again, soccer is something the world comes together to do, then again, there are a lot of famous volleyball players, then again soccer is not that hard to learn, then again volleyball is more fun if you are constantly hitting the ball, then again soccer is hard to get the ball , then again on volleyball if you miss the ball you lose a point, then again if you are a goalie, everyone is disappointed in you, then again in volleyball you can lay on a beach, then again, you get to run through the warm breeze, then again you have to stay in a hot gym in volleyball, then again yo have to be freezing in soccer, then again you can sprain your arm in volleyball, then again you can break your leg playing, soccer, then again soccer is a worldwide game, then again volleyball is a game prefered by most Americans, then again, soccer is where most female play, then again, most females play volleyball. AHH! You are right this is confusing


    1. Haha, it is confusing. I still haven’t decided yet, and I am really wanting to make a decision soon. I like both sports, I just really want to figure out which one I would like to play soon. Right now volleyball is up higher on the scoreboard, soccer is right under it’s nose. Thank you for your feedback, it is well appreciated.


      1. I will be sure to go visit your blog and check it out. That would be very fun for us to do a collaboration post, that is a great idea. We could set it up some time soon, I am sure it will take a while to get ready and have the idea up and running. Thank you for reading my blog, it is well appreciated. I am very happy to be having you as one of my readers!


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