IF you write for these reasons, you are writing for the WRONG reasons.

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Hello hello everybody!  So today I am posting a post I have wanted to post for a while, so I am very excited for this post! I wanted to write about reasons that if you write for, you’re not writing because you WANT to. I don’t know many people like this, but if there are people like this, I want to speak to them through this post.

Let’s get started!


When you write, you should be writing because you want to.  Writing can be hard, tedious, and even stressful. So I know that it’s okay for not all people to enjoy writing. But you can’t just write  for the “presents” that they will it will give you.

Wait, what do you mean by “presents”? 

When I say that, I mean that you shouldn’t just write for the things that you will get out of writing. There are a ton of things you can get out of writing, like publishing a book, completing NaNoWriMo (which I am doing, for my first time, with 397 words…), and being a paid blogger. I can’t think of any more at the moment, but I am pretty sure that there are things you can get out of it.

Writing and Blogging has it’s perks, everything has perks, but do you really want to just blog for the accomplishments that you can get out of it? The accomplishments that you don’t truly want, but have because you just want the “presents”? I would feel pretty unhappy if I were doing something I wasn’t completely okay with.

Imagine you are a writer. You blog, but what you blog about, it’s nothing you truly believe in. You are just writing it because you want to have followers and you want to get money off your blog posts. You publish stories, but they are pretty cheap and you only publish them because you want the money when people buy the books. Let’s say you had a meet and greet with your readers. And they were asking you questions, talking to you. And as you were answering questions about your blog and stuff, you just seemed completely different, had different train of thought, and were just talking off. But to only your readers. To you, you seemed like yourself. But because you believed nothing you wrote in your blogs and because you were simply a liar, your fans, your readers started questioning you.

And to a lot of people, writing is really important to them. So I really think that it would be horrible just to write for the money. Because not everything has to be evolving around money. Some things can just be for FUN.

So think about it….




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