Fall Essentials!

Hello hello! Today, because it’s fall, I wanted to tell you guys what my fall essentials are. Writing-wise or not. I am a little late on this, I must say, because fall began a while ago, but I am happy I got around to this. So let’s get on with it!


Black Comfy Boots. I call my (these boots are actually my mom’s I just wear  boots these, but honestly they have some kind of name.  I just don’t know what it is. I wear them basically when I go anywhere in fall, when it’s actually a bit cold of course. I would get so hot if I wore these in summer because the inside of the boots is a furry warm wall. I would soon definitely start sweating if that was the case. Get yourself a pair, if your feet get warm a lot. Well…. my toes get warm a lot. It’s really odd because my legs are fine, but my toes will get numb, even with socks on. So these are my go-to.

A Long Hearty Book. Have you ever, when it’s cold outside, just wanted to curl up somewhere and read a good book? I have wanted to do that, and I have done that a few times as well. It’s really relaxing, when everything that’s going around you isn’t your type of forte’. Plus, you just get to do something you want to do, instead of faking to have fun with the people around you. I’ve done that all the time and it’s really fun to just cuddle up and dive into a good book.

A Journal. Even when I am not blogging, I still like to write down my post ideas. Plus, I usually will come up with these posts because of what’s happening in my everyday life. That is usually how I come up with my posts, so I always want one on hand. It makes my life so much easier, instead of trying to memorize the post I thought of in the first place.

A Watch. Having a watch for me helps me plan out how much time I want to use blogging, because let me tell you; it can get pretty out of hand. Me writing can get pretty heated pretty quick, so I like to give myself  a time limit.

Camera. I lately have been wanting to add some pop of color to my blog posts, by adding some photos. I have added some nice graphics, and I hope you guys as well appreciate my effort to make my blog posts a bit more pretty.

TV Show On To Watch. This last one may sound pretty pretty weird, but it really helps. I like to use the television on to get some ideas when I am writing, and honestly it really helps me. It doesn’t really matter the show to me, but the only thing is that it has to be a show I can handle watching without getting majorly annoyed. Which usually never happens, because most shows are fine and not bad to watch.


Thank you for reading! These are my fall essentials, and what are yours? Are yours similar to mine or completely different? Feel free to write about that in the comments.

Have a very thankful day.



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