October Monthly!


Yes, my friends. Yes, indeed. It is that time of the month. You know what I am talking about.. October Monthly!! Well, you probably did not know what I was talking about due to the fact that I have never done one of these before! But I wanted to do this, mostly because I want to do it. I have no reason, I just want to do one of these every single month. Plus, look at the picture up there. Looks nice, doesn’t it? Oh and that’s a perk of doing these, having that cute little picture up there.


So literally I have read like about….. 10 books? Five books? Literally that sounds so bad and so horrible, but I have been busy, so I am going to use that as my pass.

  • The Angel Experiment by James Patterson
  • Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports by James Patterson
  • Schools Out- Forever by James Patterson
  • The Final Warning by James Patterson
  • Max by James Patterson
  • Fang by James Patterson

Those books are all by one author, James Patterson. Check him out, his books are really hilarious and humorous.



So my goals for this month would be:

  • Do a post for Halloween.✔️
  • Start a ‘series’ on my blog. ✔️
  • Start adding pictures into my blog posts. ✔️
  • Post consistently. ✔️

I have done all of these, but the one I was focused on most was the one about adding pictures into my posts. I want my posts to have color and look creative so I don’t want people just to see words sprawled on a page. It’s been hard to do, mostly because it takes FOREVER TO DO, but I got it. Plus, I really like it. Do you all like it??

I was going to post this one yesterday anyways, but the problem was I had trouble with these pictures. But I’ve learned how to do ’em. So yea!!

I hope you enjoyed that post, I really worked hard on it to make sure that it contained nice pictures that were edited neatly.

Thanks for reading!




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