IBMC #8 The Nursery Rhyme Challenge


Hello hello my….. candy crazed friends!! I hope you had a great Halloween- or if you want to be punny- Howllloween.  But anyways, today’s post is that we must pick a nursery rhyme and make a new interpretation of it. You can make edits to the rhyme and then interpret it. The only ultimate restriction is that there must be a rhyme and a new context to it.

But if you have not read the post I posted on Sunday, let me explain what this is.

This is a challenge I am doing called the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge where I have 15 days to post 10 challenges here on my blog. I will leave the link here if any of you would like to participate also..

Let’s get started!!

So I chose the nursery rhyme that’s “The Wheel’s on The Bus”. I  know that rhyme easily, so I want to see if I can interpret it.


My interpretation of this rhyme would be that it is the journey of people on a bus trying to get somewhere else. It’s simply the journey of people on a bus, which is definitely a story that you don’t see often. Because to be honest, you’d probably think- you probably are thinking right now- that the journey of a person sitting on a bus of public transportation to get to a destination seems boring. And it probably does, only if you’re looking at the outer aspects of it. If you just think that the journey of a ride on a bus is boring, think about it. Anything could happen that would make your day in that bus. Anything in that bus could make you smile. But you’ll never know…. Because you’re just looking at the outer aspects of it.


I feel like the way I took that was like me scooping out ice cream from the top of the jar, it’s basic and anybody can think of it… You might not think that, I don’t know. It’s just my opinion.

Have a great day!!!



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