IBMC # 7 The News and Paper Challenge

Hello hello!! Yes, I am posting today. Yes, I am aware it’s Halloween. But I will be posting again today anyways, because I want to have a Halloween post up on Halloween.  So for today’s challenge, you have to get a newspaper article. You have to reference the article appropriately though. Debate and discuss your views on the selected article. Any kind of article is welcome.


There is also the question of Trump’s insensitivity to human decency in the treatment of fellow citizens who happen to be minorities. Famously, Trump has relied on Twitter to unleash a steady stream of juvenile attacks. By The New York Times’ running account, he has insulted 282 people, places and things – usually multiple times. That is to say nothing of the half of the population who still do not enjoy the equal rights that many politicians forget, especially Republicans, when they speak about a devotion to our Constitution. Some of the resistance to Hillary Clinton is based on doubt about her character, but there is still also a subliminal doubt about gender. A new study by the Rockefeller Foundation finds that gender inequality in the workplace is one the biggest issues facing corporate America today. Women hold just 4 percent of leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies. “[In 2016] 90% of new CEOs were promoted or hired from roles with profit and loss responsibility. 100% of them were men,” according to the study. Women generally earn 78 cents on the dollar, 64 cents if they are black, 54 cents if they are Latinas. It is well said, by Michelle Obama and others, that Trump’s misogyny has taken American women back to a much darker time they thought they’d left behind – a time when their bodies were more important than their minds and the far darker time when their forebears were literally the property of their masters. But this is understating Trump’s innate intolerance and selfish disregard for the rights of others.

Written by Mortimer B. Zuckerman.


Donald Trump, if you like him, I honestly don’t mind.

But me personally, I do not see him fit to be our new President replacing President Barack Obama.

Trump treats people horribly. According to the article above, Donald has insulted about 282 people, places, and things. And I feel that how is acts is not how the personality of the person who will be running the free world should act.

The free world leader – the President of the United States- should act respectfully towards all people, no matter what race or gender they are. The President should be able to patiently listen to the decision of others, as well as take their ideas and opinions into consideration. The President should be a well-rounded man, that all people like- if not all people most people.

I have more things that I feel like the President should be, but I really think that nobody can be the PERFECT President. That seems impossible.

Because I know that there will at least be one person who disagrees with the President’s ideas, and beliefs. And that is okay! Not everybody has to like the President, it’s their choice.

I just feel as- because of the way Trump acts- he just acts as a bad leader for this world..


The countdown is over because….


Have a spooooooooooky day, and if you are going Trick- or-Treating, be safe.



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