IBMC #2 Freeze a Foto Challenge



Hello hello my freakish friends! So for today’s challenge, I must pick a photo and describe memories associated with that picture. The length of the description can be decided by me.

So if you have not read the post I posted on Sunday, let me explain what this is.

This is a challenge I am doing called the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge where I have 15 days to post 10 challenges here on my blog. I will leave the link here if any of you would like to participate also..

Let’s get started!!



The picture displayed above is a picture I took while I was on vacation with my family. It might be a little blurry, but I guess that’s fine. This picture of a water taxi makes me really happy, because it brings back the memories of this summer, where we all got the time to have a break from everything and have time to have fun with each other and or relatives. I was on vacation with my family for a eight days, which doesn’t seem like much, but when you are on vacation yourself, or doing something in the sorts of that, you realize how long it is. But now, I really want to go back on vacation, you know? No worries, no nothing. But then again, if I hadn’t gone off vacation, I wouldn’t have had my computer, and I wouldn’t have realized the fact that I wanted to start a blog.. So I guess good things did come out of that vacation. It was a really memorable time, to be honest. I got to meet some of my relatives that I never knew, and got to make relationships with them. It was really fun, and if I had to go back, I definitely would for some parts of it, because I regret not going on a  boat in the water, but then again, I liked it the way it was.


That was really fun to do, because I didn’t have to do a certain length or have a certain amount of words. I could just write whatever was appropriate to the picture, which really gave me some ideas, even though I felt like it was sprawled around with nothing to separate what I wrote.

Have a spooky day!


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