IMBC #1 Phrase a Paragraph Challenge


Hello hello my freakish friends! So today’s challenge is that I am supposed to write a paragraph of 100 words by selecting one of the topics that were listed on the website that I listed in the post I posted yesterday.

So if you have not read yesterday’s post, let me explain what this is.

This is a challenge I am doing called the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge where I have 15 days to post 10 challenges here on my blog. I will leave the link here if any of you would like to participate also..

Let’s get started!!


Flying to me doesn’t mean literal flying. It means reaching high for your goals, and when you do have your goals, you are soaring around trying to reach your goal. I feel like this is the meaning because flying through the sky, without an airplane, seems impossible. And so if you ever learn how to fly, I can assure you that you will be shocked. So I feel like the words ‘flying high’ are like a metaphor meant to mean something else. It’s like random goals that are meant to be met, and when you meet them, you are soaring high, reaching those goals.

Flying is something that nobody can do by themselves, in the air and moving through the sky. So as a metaphor, flying high relates to reaching your goals.


I found this really challenging, for the fact that it had to be 100 words and that it had to be one paragraph. I don’t usually write things such as short as this, so it was definitely a challenge. But I am enjoying this, and if you are too, I hope you are having fun with this.

Challenge 1 COMPLETED!

Have a spooky week!



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