The Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge (IBMC)

Hello hello my freakish pumpkins! So I have entered myself in an ongoing challenge. This challenge is called the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge, or IBMC. I am so excited to be doing this, so I hope you enjoy it. Today I will be just stating all the rules, and the writing prompts. I wanted to challenge myself with something on my blog, so this is what I’ll be doing for a while now.


  • The blogger can start the challenge at any time, but the fact that it must be completed within 15 days of starting it.
  • There are 10 challenges with 15 days to complete them all. You will have 5 buffer days that can be used well.
  • You cannot complete more than three tasks on one day.
  • You must do the tasks in the same order that they are numbered in.
  • Every task must be associated with a logo which will be used along with the prompt.
  • Once completed all the challenges, the IBMC logo can be added up to the blog.
  • If you want to do a few challenges out of the 10 instead of doing them all, you are free to do so. But if you do this, you cannot use the final logo of the challenge completion.

This is the logo:


Here are the challenges, in order!

1. Phrase a Paragraph Challenge

2. Freeze a Foto Challenge

3. Risk for a Random Challenge

4. The Hunt a Haiku Challenge

5. The Not So Quite Quote Challenge

6. The Mass Media Challenge

7. The News and Paper Challenge

8. The Nursery Rhyme Challenge

9. The Be a Baby Challenge

10. The Happiness Challenge


If you would like to do this along with me, here’s the link!



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