What I have Learned about the Writing Industry In My Few Months of Being a Blogger/Writer.

For these few months, I have really gotten the feel of what having a career in writing is like. And I must admit, it isn’t pretty.

The endless hours of trying to think of ideas (and failing), trying to write the post to perfection, not wanting to eat because you NEED to finish what you were writing or else an apocalypse will start.

And to sum all that up, it’s really really hectic and really really nerve-racking. Sometimes myself I get annoyed. Like you don’t know how much times I get upset with my computer randomly updating WHILE I AM TRYING TO TYPE UP A POST. Sadly annoying.. But yeah..

It’s definitely a privilege and an opportunity to be here today being able to blog. I will give you that. But then again, sometimes I just ask myself why I like to write and stuff, and then I realize it’s because something I really really like.

Like really really like. I for a while I had been dreading making a blog, but now that I have one, I am really happy I made one. Because now that I have one, it has opened other doors for me.

Like the fact that I learned that I really like to write stories.

Write now (get it, like writing and I am talking about writing. I’m hilarious..)  I am writing a story. It’s Halloween themed, so I really want to finish it before Halloween, but I am not going to tell you guys about it yet, without it being finished and all, mostly because I re-started it, so it’s not really ideal. I want to get it a bit longer before I go talking about it.

I am so happy that I have started blogging, but also really glad. Like I feel as if I have seen a  sneak peak of the writing world through blogging: the work, the struggles. But also the fun, and the feeling you get when you accomplish a piece of work.

I am looking forward to that feeling you get, because as I said before, I am working on something that I am writing. But I must clarify this: I don’t write just for the fact I want to get published.

Getting published sounds great, but I am writing just for the fact to be published and to have a book out there. You shouldn’t do that, I don’t do that. I in fact, am probably not going to get the story I am writing published. I don’t think I will at least. I am just writing it because I want to. Only reason.

So yeah. I am so happy for the place I am today, and again, I thank all of you readers. You truly are the ones who inspire me to keep writing, because without you guys, I would have lost the motivation to write with no readers.

Oh and 10 DAYS UNTIL HALLOWEEN! Have a spooky week!


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