A Word In Progress..

Hello hello! This post title was an accident, I meant to write a WORK in progress, but like what I wrote better. So I am going to go with this and just make a post for you guys, because you know that’s what I do best. Let’s hop on in it!

I am just winging this, it’s not really anything planned so yeah.

One word at a time, this blog becomes bigger and bigger.

This blog to me has grown tremendously. I feel as  if over these few months, I have gotten a few dedicated followers, as well as found what department of blogging I excel in. It has only been a few months, but I am really happy with the outcome of these few months.

I get motivated to post through readers reading my posts, and the positive feedback I get. You might not think that fuels me to post, but it does. And I want to blog, I really do, but I want to blog so that each word I truly mean, not just me blogging each day because I have to. And I don’t blog each day because I have to, in fact, I have wanted to blog for a long long time so I considered being able to blog each day a privilege.

Now, I don’t feel as if I need a large amount of followers to be able to be a good blogger, because in reality, I feel as if the blogs I find out there that don’t have a lot of followers are actually one of the very good blogs that I would love to stick with.

Blogging is day to me is like putting my thoughts out there for the world to see. It’s basically like a place where I can go and think. That’s what I classify it as, but I bet you that a lot of people can have a different definition for blogging. I mean, your definition of blogging is what you see blogging as, so it definitely makes sense for you to have a different definition of blogging than Sally. I just made Sally up, so don’t question it.

I have decided that my motto as a blogger, as a person is “A Word In Progress” because I feel like that explains me as a person, and as a blogger. It explains me as a person because as a person, I am a word in progress. I am not fully completed but I am surely in progress. I am surely moving forward, progressing positively as I go.

And that is something that is awesome. To know that I am moving forward instead of moving backwards.

Because there are just some things I feel as I could never go up to someone and talk to about face-to-face. I feel it would be just weird and awkward, and that I could never do it. But with blogging, I can just spill my thoughts out to you guys, because over these months, I have not gotten any negativity, nothing to bring my spirits down. So that has helped me to become a bit more trusting towards posting certain content.

Do you guys remember when I would post blogs, but they would never reach the level of individuality and personality that it is now. I love how it’s like that on here. Because I never really show my emotions to people, that isn’t just how I roll. So this blog, on here I can just do simply that and you guys seem to like me and you guys seem to understand. And I do not care that my audience of readers isn’t huge, because I am so grateful to have an audience of readers who want to read my posts, and who like who I am through my blogs.

I think back to when I was creating my blog, and how I was hesitant to do so, but at this time and day right now, I would never go back and change that moment, because this blog is my break-free area. My thoughts are wild and free and I love that.

So thank you for being my audience. Thank you for reading these posts day to day, because honestly, if you were with me behind this screen, you would find out how happy it makes me feel when I realize that someone read my post, or that someone liked my post. You guys make me so happy when you do that, and you probably didn’t even realize it.

Thank you so much. It means the world.


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