Do girls have to wear MAKEUP to be considered pretty?

Hello hello! So I got a question for you readers. But this question is directed to girls.

Do you girls wear makeup? And if you do, do you wear it consistently each day? Because that is what I will be talking about today.

So as human beings, we are expected to look proper, and be proper. It’s expected from people, and if they see anything less, you are bound to be judged by them. But I am not going to go into the topic of judging people, because I have done that in a different post.

So it’s not a surprise that some girls wear makeup consistently. I mean, they don’t want to let anybody down by looking not their best. So they wear makeup to hide their natural facial mistakes.

I honestly can see where they are coming from, I understand. But then again, why can’t they show their true self instead of hiding their natural beauty. Everyone is beautiful, then again, some people just don’t realize it. And that makes me kind of upset. That society has made it so people don’t even feel comfortable in their own skin. Like what is that? If your body is well.. yours, you should feel at least comfy in it. You should never, and emphasis on the word never, dislike how you look or dislike your body shape. Because you were made to perfection in your own way. You may not look like the model in the magazine, but you look magazine worthy in my opinion.

And that is what every person should know from birth.  Yes, birth. Because from the moment you are born you are beautiful. You really are. And this might sound so corny or cheesy and stuff, but to be honest, I am writing every word with truth. I wouldn’t post something onto the world wide web that I don’t really believe in or that I don’t really want to write.

So be confident with yourself. And if you just wear makeup for fun or something, I understand it. I wear makeup just for the heck of it. I don’t wear it every single day, but I do wear it. Be confident with yourself.

I am. So when people insult my looks or my body, I don’t care at all. I don’t care because I have taught myself that they don’t even know me, so why should they come out and tell me I’m ugly? Because I know I am not ugly, I know I am beautiful in every way. And that will stay that way in my mind.

Plus, why should you believe other people. You know the truth, so believe yourself! It’s not going to do you any good if you believe other people all the time when they say mean stuff to you. You can get sad, I mean I get upset when people insult me, but I don’t get mad. I know the truth myself so it only hurts a tiny bit for the fact that they are even saying that to me.

So be happy with your looks, and GOODBYE Y’ALL!


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