Writing With NO Main Topic #1

Alright my friends. I have made a new series here today, and as you can tell it’s called Writing With NO Topic. Now necessarily this title means I am writing with no MAIN topic, meaning that it’s basically me sitting down and talking with you guys. I really just want you guys to get to know me through my blog, and I really think this is a great approach.  So without further ado, if ado is a real word.. Let’s get started!

Hi Hi! I really want this series to be like a vlog channel, meaning that I want it to be like ‘Behind the Scenes’ of my blog. Like stuff that you don’t really see or read when I am blogging normally because… I don’t know. I feel like all my blogs are so formal and such and that this would be like informal as if I just sat down and started talking to you guys. Which seems so fun, so yeah.

So to get this off and running, I wanted to talk about how I came to start to love writing. If that makes sense, it makes sense in my mind, so I don’t know if it will in yours.

I began writing- if I can remember correctly around fourth grade. I had a little pink journal that was sparkly with butterflies on it. It was kind of like a diary I guess. Each day when something remotely interesting happened, when I got home I would just write down what happened in my journal. That was all it was. And then one day I wanted to write a story.

I wanted to write a story in fifth grade, so I did. I lost it, so I don’t have it now, but I can tell you without a doubt it really bad. Like if you read it, you wouldn’t understand some parts of it at all because it is so bad and messed up. The story was about like sweets, like cupcakes or brownies. And the brownies and the cupcakes got into a war about something and then the war was soon resolved and after it ended ice cream came into their country. Just by writing that it made no sense. Like I cannot see visually how that can all be fitted into one story and make the smallest amount of sense. And it was like ten pages. Don’t judge though, because at the time I thought 10 pages was in comparison to 1,000 pages.

And ever since then, I just became in love with writing, I would try to make it so my writing would get better every time I wrote. And at that time, I considered making a blog. But I figured I was WAY too young for it, so that idea was declined until a few months ago.

So congrats to me for getting the courage to make a blog!!

But back on track, blogging is something I do to put my thoughts somewhere. Like I just need somewhere to spill everything out like a paint can, and this is where I do it, yeah? Helps a lot.

Like today- let me tell you a story instead of explaining it.

So today two of my friends were arguing over something dumb. They had complications in the past which made them hate- hate is a strong word, dislike. Which made them dislike each other. So let’s give them names first, so it will make a bit of sense. They will be called Candy and Marshmallow. First names off the top of my head, so that’s pretty snazzy.

Marshmallow accidentally took something of Candy’s, and she gave it back only after Candy asked for it back. And because Candy had to ask Marshmallow for it back, Candy got upset. So Candy wanted Marshmallow to apologize, and Marshmallow didn’t, so Candy is holding a grudge against her because she wants to have self-respect for herself, so she wants people to apologize to her when they have to because she says if she just let’s it go it’ll make her seem like a weak paper. And she wants to be a strong person, so she is mad at Marshmallow.

And in my point of view, Candy is blowing this out of proportion. Like by a lot. I don’t know what you might say about this, but I think that you will still have self-respect even if you don’t make people apologize to you. Making them apologize is just forced because they aren’t saying the apology with truth. They are just saying it to get it off their backs, ya know?

So that is my view on that, pretty simple I believe. I just want Candy to realize it the way I do, but that would be changing her way of thought so I think not.


You guys should see the books I have sprawled here on this couch. Oh, and speaking of books, I have made a blog journal. It’s a journal where I basically write down all the blog ideas I spontaneously get out of thin air. I think I can take a picture off of my computer, so let me try.

Here we go!


I am sorry about that backpack strap peeking in, but don’t worry I think this picture pretty much explains it.

In the journal, I just write down each daily post that I’ll be writing to post,  so it can be more organized and so I won’t forget what blog post I will be doing that day. And if you are secretly wondering why I used those colored cards instead of using the paper in the journal, I just wanted to make it a bit more.. colorful. Plus, I have a lot of those colored cards (I call them note-cards, but the word note-cards as one word apparently isn’t a word so..) so it makes it easier, instead of having to go out and buy colored cards to use. More convenient, don’t you think?

After this I might just spray the basement, because there is a fruit-fly annoying the heck out of me every time it flies into my face, but I want to keep writing this so I will suffer.

Yes, I am suffering for you my lovely readers.

Yes, I am aware that it is a small fruit fly. But you have to be in a room with a fruit-fly to really experience what it is like, and to be honest, every time the dang fly comes near me unexpectedly, I literally jump back a bit and risk my computer falling onto the ground and smashing.

This blog has grown so much in the few months I’ve had it, which really makes me happy.

Oh and if you haven’t noticed, I added a creative writing page onto my blog here. I want to display all my short stories on there..

And as a spoiler… there might, just might be one coming up soon. I am not going to say when, because that will defeat the purpose of surprise.. but keep your eyes peeled… There is one headed your way very VERY SOON!


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