Wanting what you CANNOT get.

I want something. And I cannot get it.

Now to fill you in on what exactly I want, I want an Erin Condren Planner. And as a teenage blogger, that means I am not living by myself in some apartment. That means that I am living at home with my family. So as a person living at home with my family – and a teenager I might add- I do not have a job and I don’t make my own money.

Which at some times, is kind of a bad thing. But at some times, is also a good thing,

The feeling of paying for your own bills and having your own apartment and handling everything on yourself kind of seems pressuring and kind of hard to deal with. But I am not going to start talking about that, so let’s not dip our feet into that pond.

As a teenager, I am basically still a kid. I still behave like the child I am. I don’t act like some kind of mature adult, because I am not a mature adult. I am a mature teenager. But I am a mature teenager who acts like every other teen and wants things.

Because as you can see from reading, I want something. But I am not forcing anyone to get it for me. In fact, as a teenage person I am expected to- well I am expected to behave. And to be honest, whining to my parents that I want an Erin Condren Planner won’t make them get me a planner.

I am very happy because I know that I am going to earn that Erin Condren Planner. I am going to earn it because if I earn this planner that will show me that I am responsible, and that I actually can do things on my own. It will make me feel extra happy when I get my hands on the planner because I actually earn the planner by myself. I actually earn the planner with my own work and my own self.

That will make me really extra excited to have an Erin Condren Planner.
So yeah… This little speech might have not been appreciated, but on this site where I blog, you guys don’t see the everyday side of me. You don’t see the side of me that wants things because its just not what you’d expect to see written on a blog. But I want to share this , expecially to let people know that even though I blog, I am like every other person in the world. Just because you don’t see me, it doesn’t mean that I- I cannot think of what to write. So let me end it here. 



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