Why does Fashion/Clothing Make Up Who You Are as a Person?

Everyone expresses themselves. And one way that they that you usually will see is through what people wear. People judge people based off their clothing choices and styles. What you wear can determine if you are uptight, if you are disciplined, if you are rebellious, or if you are a neat and organized person. Everybody can tell all this by simply looking at what you are wearing.

This makes society hard to live in on it’s own, because you have to make sure you are wearing the right brands of clothing, buying the correct shoes, and all that jazz. But then again, if you always just followed the crowd when you shopped for clothing to fit in, then how would you be categorized? Would you want to be categorized as ‘one of them’. As just one of those people who all wear the same type of clothing, and just try to fit in with the crowd?

Because I am sure that I don’t want to be like that. I am pretty sure being unique is up my alleyway.

If we were just all the same and we wall just looked exactly the same, like looking at a mirror, I am sure that life would get boring really quickly. And it would also get confusing quickly, given the fact that we all look the same.

But anyways, it’s sometimes hard to just go out and strut your stuff. It’s sometimes hard to go out into the world and wear what you want, knowing that every eye that looks at you is judging you. Based off clothing. Without even knowing a single thing about you. Crazy isn’t it?

But with all these brand commericals for the best jeans, or the highest of heels, all people just get sucked in at some point. You just can’t go dangling meat in front of a dog and expect it not to jump at you and get the meat. It will go after it, and that is just like people. With commericals on everyday as you watch TV, you eventually at some point just cave in and go buy those brand clothing.

Why, you ask? Because those commericals get into their head and make them believe that if they buy that piece of clothing, they will be powerful and that they will just.. fit in with the crowd. And as a person, as a normal regular person, they buy into it. They say, “I do want to be like this, I do want to fit in.” And their minds are twisted into believing this.

Kind of crazy if you ask me, but then again, it’s how businesses work. It’s how businesses get costumers. I mean, if any business didn’t make some commerical or didn’t promote their products at all, they obviously won’t get any costumers. They have to make their buyers want their products so much that they will buy it. And sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t.

But if you really want to be yourself, I want you to remember one thing from this blog post out of everything else:

That to be unique, follow yourself. Don’t go around trying to buy things to “fit in” with the “popular” kids. Because in the long run, where will that get you? Oh right, nowhere.


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