6 Things that I as a Writer Tend to Do

So I have noticed recently some things that I as a writer tend to do. And it’s not like one-day things, it’s been happening frequently. So I want to share these things, so I won’t be a lonely snail thinking that nobody else does what I do as a writer. I mean, someone on this earth must do at least one of these. And since this is a writing community, I feel like we can all connect on a topic such as this. So let’s get started

1. Coming up with ideas randomly.

I have always just written my writing ideas down on note cards, because I have a lot of those. So I just taped the note cards down on in a journal, so when I have an idea I can just have them all organized.

But in all honestly, it’s really just weird because out of the blue I will just think of a writing idea and it will just be really awesome, but at the same time odd. It’s like this because when I want to come up with a idea, I literally can’t. Sometimes I will wake up in the middle of the night with an idea and write it down so I won’t forget.

2. Always having journals at hand.

I cannot remember a time where I did not have a notebook to write out of. Even as a child, I would always have a notebook. I have lots of old notebooks that have run out of room to write in so I just buy dozens of them. It’s just one of my necessities, having notebooks.

3.I read. A LOT.

I read a lot. And I mean a lot. Reading is one of those things that I can do for fun, and can give me some ideas for my blog and for my writing. I love to read honestly. I could sit down for hours and just read simply. One of my siblings dislikes to read and that completely takes me by surprise, because a book is just like a wonderland. You can just sit there and be in your own world and read. I absolutely LOVE it!

4. A ‘Writing Room’. 

If you have read my first post, I wrote about an area that I can call a space where I safely write and my thoughts can flow freely there. That’s a writing room. I have a writing room myself, which is now my basement on the couch, because writing in the garage has become pretty hard because it’s really cold in there now. But I think that all my creative juices have followed me into the basement, so I am fine with being in the basement.

5. Day Dreaming.

I day dream a lot, and I feel like sometimes that is a bad thing, but sometimes it’s also a good thing. I am usually immersed in my thoughts while I am in school, and it really just is weird. But also at the same time awesome. It’s like I am writing in my brain, just sitting down at a table in my brain room writing. I actually like the idea of a brain room..

6. Wanting to write where I am somewhere that I cannot.

For example, if I am at school listening to a teacher give a lecture, sometimes I just want to get out my a notebook or a computer and just free-write. It’s a feeling that I have almost everyday, and I know I cannot fix it sometimes because it is just me.

Do you do any of these? These are just things that I tend to do, so nobody at all might do these, but I figure that some writers will be able to relate.



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