What’s wrong with being in Pre-Algebra?

As you guys know, I am a teenage blogger. So as a teenage blogger, I am still in school. And I want to tell you a mini story about a part of my school experience. This happened a while ago, so it was not a long time back. But anyways, let me tell you the story.

My friend was in an Algebra class, while I was in a Pre-Algebra class.  We will call my friend Lithuania, like the country Lithuania. I really thought nothing of being in Pre-Algebra class. I mean, I was fine with it.  In Pre-Algebra, you are taught just the beginnings of Algebra. Algebra is full-blown Algebra. Like Algebra 1. Anyways, Lithuania one day was like “Did you know that people in Algebra have better grades than students in Pre-Algebra? You HAVE to get all A’s to be in Algebra. I mean, Pre-Algebra sucks and Algebra is better than it in all ways!”

And as me being in Pre-Algebra, this got me pretty angry. Like I get really good grades  yet I am in Pre-Algebra. Being in Pre-Algebra is not bad! I mean yeah, you are learning more of Algebra but that does not make you immediately make you assume that you are smarter than all kids in Pre-Al.  It also just upset me, and a few other Pre-Algebra students in the class.

Lithuania did not know how rude everything that she said was. It really annoyed me, because there is nothing that proves that children in Algebra are smarter than kids in Pre-Algebra. Because they are both even! But I do not want to blame Lithuania, because I think that Lithuania did not realize what she had done. She probably did not think that she was being rude, I mean she was just expressing herself. No rudeness intended.

You can not compare what you do in math to other subjects.

Everybody does different is each subject, because sometimes it may be harder for you to do well in English than in History. You will always have struggles, which I think that is fine. Nobody is perfect right?

Like I will never be perfect at math. And I kind of expect that, I mean, if I am perfect at everything, there will be ZERO room for improvement because I have all the improvement I need, so there’s really no fun in doing anything. If you are perfect where is the fun in making mistakes and trying to perfect them each day. And then getting that amazing feeling that you get when you finally accomplish something?

That is what I want to feel when I accomplish something in math.

And that is how I want to feel when I do Pre-Algebra. Pre-Algebra is just baby steps toward actual Algebra. It’s just the bare earth growing towards actual math. An example would be teaching a baby how to say ‘mama’. It takes a while for a child to actually say ‘mama’ and in the process of them learning how to say ‘mama’, and during the process they are saying bits of the word, like ‘ma’.

And when they say the word ‘mama’, you are so excited and happy, and most parents usually try so hard to get their child speaking on video. They do this because they are happy for their child and are so excited. They really want to always have their child’s first word on video as a memory.

They do this because they are very happy to see their toddler accomplish something. That’s what every person would feel like wen they see their toddler, or anyone, accomplish something.


Okay, so I am pretty sure that was the longest post that I have ever done, which really makes me happy. Although it was more of a rant, I really enjoyed doing this post. So I might do more rant-like posts, because I am pretty pretty sure that I have a lot of things to rant about, as I think a lot, so I easily get ideas.



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