“I’m gonna make this place our home.”

Lately I have had a specific song stuck in my head. And I really don’t think I have listened to that song at all recently, so it’s kind of confusing me a bit, but I am also at the same time okay with it. I mean, I like the song so it doesn’t bother me that it is stuck in my head. But anyways, I just wanted to write down the specific part of the song that is stuck in my head so you can see.

DISCLAIMER : By the way to all of you, I am NOT meaning to make fun of any music arts. I am sure all their music is amazing and I am not in any way or form trying to mock or make fun of them. If you like a certain artists music I totally respect that, I am NOT trying to bash any music artists. I am just trying to say my thoughts. Thank you.

Here that part is.

‘Hold on, to me as we go

As we roll down this unfamiliar road

And although this wave is stringing us along

Just know you’re not alone

Cause I’m gonna make this place our home’



That is the song, and I am proud to say it is absolutely worth being stuck in my head. I mean, the songs these days don’t really fill me with actual happiness. It is just random words tossed together in a jumble that partially make sense- until you listen to the lyrics closely and realize that are filled with absolute mumbo jumbo.

I like to listen to songs that contain meaning, that when you listen to them you get this happy and warm feeling inside. It just is the type of songs I like. They make sense to me and when I am happy or sad I can listen to them, because they have meaning and truth behind them.

When you can relate to  the emotions that the person singing the song says, it’s like they’re re-telling your story to them through a song.

Music is really inspirational in so many ways. People may not be able to think so until they listen to the right song, because songs do really have different effects on different people. Because if I asked some other random person to listen to the ‘Home’, it might not have a great effect on them at all. Or they could not like it. I don’t know.

But the only think I know is that everyone has different music tastes. And my music taste is that I like passionate music. Music with meaning, music that speaks to me. Now, not all of the songs I know are passionate and I like them, but most of them are.





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