Pure Talent.

Now lately I have been watching reruns or just plain episodes of the show, The Voice. Now  if you don’t know what The Voice is, allow me to explain.

The Voice is a reality television singing competition show. The concept of the show is basically that they are trying to find people with singing talent (it can be solo’s or duets) drawn from public auditions. But to sum it up, it is basically a show where amazing people who can sing like angels go and sing. And I absolutely love it.

Now I’d just like to say thank you to all the singers on The Voice, you all inspire me SO much. I mean, those people don’t know how much it makes me feel when I see them singing. I just get this happy and uplifting feeling inside of me. It just fills me with joy seeing all these people who are amazing and have made it this far because they are that good. And that just makes me say ‘Wow. I want to be amazing. I am going to try hard too!’. Just watching a simple video of people singing from The Voice amazes me, especially when they are just young kids. Because I know that even though I wasn’t a star or famous at age 7, I still was a great person. And plus, I have all the years ahead of me to do good.

It’s like pouting that you aren’t Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter, North West, just because she is famous. I mean, it is pretty pointless wishing to be someone else when you are already you, and you are already amazing. You will NEVER need to be someone else to be happier. I know that sounded a bit cheesy, and stuff, but I just needed to get that point across and out there. It’s best if you know it if you didn’t know it.

But yeah! You don’t need to sing like an angel to be amazing. You already are.


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