Why is it hard to change what you think about someone?

It is very hard to change what you think about someone. I feel as if it is hard for your mind to wrap around the fact that you want to change your decision on a person. You just can’t. Especially if that specific person had done something wrong or rude to you in the past. I feel like it is erasing a mistake on paper. You can erase all you want, but to be truthful, you will still see the faint lines of the words on the paper. They will still be visible, and they will be hard to erase.

People can say “Sorry!”, “I never meant to hurt you.”, ” I hope we can be friends after that.” 

But even they should be smart enough to realize that depending on what they have done, it will take a lot of time for you to erase what they did you and be all buddy buddy with them. They obviously will just say, “Seriously. Why are you holding onto a grudge like that! I mean, I forgave you, you should be as well as I am.” But they don’t get the fact that you will NEVER forget what they did and it will always make it’s mark on you. 

Like when I am reading books, I will be like ‘Oh let go of that grudge, it’ll basically blow out your back as it grows each day’. But as I am watching something like this unravel in my life, it really does make me see what those people think as it goes on in her life

But to go OFF topic, it’s really annoying to see those cliche lover boy and girls get in an argumet spontaneously, and have the girl run away in her thoughts sad, and then miraculously get back together happy. Kind of annoys me, but that is not the point of this post so I am not going to go into that. 

Getting back on topic, those people have a right to be upset with what that person did to them, and if the other person believes that it’s fine, they must feel what the other person feels, to understand it all fully.


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