I think way too much. I have realized that a lot, because sometimes during class-I said sometimes- I will blank out and just begin to think. Think for a long period of time, so when I zone back in, I don’t get understand anything that is happening because I was zoned out for a long period of time. Now, I guess that would explain why I like to write, because people who like to write normally are just expressing their  thoughts, and that seems pretty cool. And that also explains the fact why I type really really fast, like I can be writing a YouTube video as well and typing on my compute,r but I usually make a few mistakes as I am writing, so it kind of defeats the point..

But yeahh.

Sometimes thinking can just give me minor anxieties. Like, I will all of a sudden freak  out just because I have to do something. Like for example, if I am wearing out of dress to my school, because my school is a school where we have to wear uniforms, it makes me go crazy.

I will begin to think about what people will think about what I want to wear. Even though it does not matter, which is the ultimate point here. It won’t matter one bit what people will think about what I want to wear to school, and even if they care, it should not matter to me about the opinion of someone who is not friends with me thinks. It really shouldn’t.

But then you meet me, the overthinker. I will think about random junk so much if you were my mind you would freak out constantly because I always am using my mind. Usually for useless purposes.

My thoughts I have organized them into categories. The first category is the important thoughts. That’s pretty obvious right there, so I don’t think I need to explain it. It’s basically the thoughts that I have in school when I am working, like when I am doing assignments and I am trying to use my memory  to think of the answer. The second one is the thoughts that I have randomly that are basically junk. Like everyday thoughts that ever person has. And then the last form of thinking thoughts are the thoughts that you get when someone tells you some kind of information, and you are trying to figure out how to understand and retain all the information that you just got.

So yeah, I have basically been thinking throughout the whole time while I am writing this post, so I am just going to go..


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