Is graffiti artistic expression, or just vandalism?

My friend brought this topic up not long ago, and it actually made me think: Is graffiti art? Or is it just vandalism? So I have thought a lot about it and gotten an explanation. Also, please stay until the end to read a very important author’s note.

Graffiti to me is art. I classify graffiti as art. The definition of graffiti of graffiti to me is artistic expression. It’s just people simply doing art on a larger canvas than paper. And I understand why they are doing that I think. I think that they are doing that because they want to be heard by other than people that they already know. They want everyone who wants past their art to see what they made, because sometimes graffiti can speak to you. Now that may sound like the silliest thing in the world, mostly because graffiti, or as some people think, vandalism, cannot speak to you or make you think at all because it is just junk drawn by rebellious people.

Graffiti is people wanting to spread a message, wanting to tell a large portion of people a message through a photo. I love that and again, it makes sense. Some people just can’t explain what they mean or what they want to say through talking or through writing some big long essay, it just won’t work. Art is them. Art is their answer to telling society something.

I have not seem billions and billions of graffiti  in my lifetime, but I have seen enough to say that some people do graffiti in bad ways. You can do art on walls or such of non-important buildings, that won’t matter. But when you do art  on important things such someone’s house or something like that, it’s really crossing the line. It’s not helping out because all you are doing is actually vandalism, something that cannot be tolerated by me. I mean, for example, if you vandalism a memorial,  you will certainly cause an argument. You will certainly be doing something that is not wanted by people. You are certainly be causing anger to arise out of citizens, and that will not make people happy. Vandalizing something that holds remembrance, value, someone’s loved one. That is actually crossing the line.

That is when I will agree for people to go to jail for graffiti, if they are doing graffiti on something such as memorials, because that is way too much. You never know if you could be hurting someone, bringing someone pain by simply just making art.

But like talking, you should know when to stop. You don’t want to talk about an unstable topic with someone would you? It would bring to much out of them, it would not make a good conversation to have. That is just like graffiti.

I could care less if you went and did graffiti on a brick wall. If it was a useless brick wall.


Now you have come to the ending! Okay, so I want to tell you guys that sorry I have not been posting on my blog as much, I have been having a major writers block and once it was cleared, I went along and wrote this post. I didn’t want to go ahead and post one day, and then not post for a while after because I had a writers block going on. That would make me feel bad, and I want to post regularly, not randomly.

But I have also to say something else. I want to do a Q&A post here on my blog, just to answer the questions that you guys may or may not have for me to answer. I feel-well, I know- that I have been kind of secretive here on my blog and I want to change that, I mean, if you guys are going to be reading my blog, I think that you’d like to know stuff about me and may have questions about my blog for me to answer, so I would really appreciate it if you emailed me at to send me questions, or simply comment on one of my blog posts your question.

Thank you!




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