Going Back to the Disney Days

Recently I have watched a Disney movie, Radio Rebel. It is a movie about a shy and not confident girl, but when the girl goes on her podcast or radio, she becomes a totally different person. She become confident and outspoken. If you really would like to see it I am sure it is on somewhere, but I liked it. I haven’t really been the person lately to be watching Disney movies, as I am just so darn busy. But I watched it on a Friday and it just made me think about Disney movies. And I want to share that with you guys.

So Radio Rebel made me think about how all Disney movies are not that bad.

I mean, Disney MADE Disney Princesses, every girl’s dream. So why would you dislike them. I mean yeah,, some of their shows aren’t the best, but honestly, the only good part of Disney to me is Spongebob Squarepants and any Disney movie.

I like Spongebob Squarepants because the show is just really hilarious and it makes me laugh 99% of the time I am watching it. I like Disney movies because even though they have a moral, they really know how to make it interesting.

My favorite movie on Disney channel is called Let it Shine. It is about a boy who can rap extremely well. Like I mean extremely well. And when the boy enters a rapping contest and his friend accidentally wins, when they really meant that he won, he has to decide whether he is going to feel the girl who believes that his friend won lies, or just simply tell the truth.

It’s a pretty delicate and simple movie, yet I love it just because of how it is so amazing and well put together. It is really a good movie, despite the fact that not much people have actually heard of it or watched it.

Most people just watch other channels, which I am totally fine with, but I would just like to confirm to them that even though Disney movies aren’t as amazing as the other TV shows that you may watch, they are still god and I would really just like to throw that out there.

Only little kids now really watch Disney, it’s barely any older groups.  And I am not saying that at all to be a bad thing. I don’t even know what I was trying to say there in the first place, so just forget that part.

But anyways, that is what this is for, to tell you that Disney channel MOVIES are not just for kids. They are family friendly and if you like E rated movies, then they are for you.


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