Writing VS. Writing

Writing Vs. Writing. Now you might not even get what this means, but I will tell you.

The first writing means like blogging writing, like essay writing. Normal writing, it’s something that everyone does at school. Or on a daily basis. I do blogging writing, as you can see I have a blog.

The second writing is creative writing. It’s the writing that people use when they are writing books. You’d usually see this on Wattpad, a website where you can read creative stories, as well as read stories.But yeah.

And to answer the question, I like blogging writing better. And it’s just because that blogging writing comes more smoothly to me than creative writing.

I still write creative writing, but not as much as blogging writing. Creative writing isn’t something that I really like, but I do like it. I mean, I don’t feel the same happiness I feel when I am just blogging. Blogging comes natural to me, and so does creative writing, but it doesn’t speak to me,  you know?

I write creatively. I have a creative writing journal where it’s all colorful and I just write my thoughts and some creative ideas I have. It’s really cool. And then I have my blog, where I blog. My blog and my creative writing journal are both really close to me, and I would be devastated if I lost either of them.

But the thing that is hard for me with creative writing is the fact that I always think that my creative writing is horrible.

And I’m not bad person to be like this, it’s just that whenever I see someone else’s work and then I see my finished product, I just feel like my work looks horrible compared to theirs. And yeah I know, that sounds horrible, as if I don’t believe in myself one bit. But I do, it’s just that when I see someone else’s finished work, I just start to convince myself to believe that their work is greater than my, just because of looks.

Now I am very happy to say this, but my choice is in the middle. I like both equally and that makes me very happy because if I were to like one over the other, I know that I would regret saying that because honestly and truly, I do both of them and I like both. It just so happens that I like blogging a bit more.


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