My New Theme.

You have probably already noticed my new theme on my blog, so this is probably worthless and a waste of time, but I wanted to tell you all the reason why it’s just so AMAZING.

So basically I wanted to change my theme, because my original theme was the original theme that you get from WordPress. So I was like, that’s fine. But then again it didn’t really like my theme, as it didn’t really portray what I had in mind for my blog. So I went onto my phone and started to search on WordPress the different themes it had, and it was absolutely horrendous!

I clicked on a theme accidentally, and being the person I am I could not figure out how to change it back. So I clicked on a random theme to change it to something else because I could not change it back to the original theme I had it at. And the theme I chose is the theme I currently have, and it is just great.

The theme I currently have portrays my blog as a journal, which is exactly what I love about it. It has pencils and pens displayed on it, and it has pencil font in some places which is amazing.

I do not know if you guys like my new theme, but I do and I am really happy with it so far!



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