School Grade Groups

So overtime I have overlooked my school. Since I have been there for a long time I have been able to know everyone’s names and to be able to distinquish all the “groups” that each class has. So today it became pretty clear to me, so I wanted to tell you guys about it, because I find it pretty cool and what not.

So in each grade in my school, well the grades that I have come in contact with, have groups. And it’s really weird because they are like an economy.

Some of them are dictatorships. Some are actual fair leaders. But most were dictatorships, which honestly I could see in a blink of an eye. They basically bossed each other around like dolls.

But I find it weird that people knowingly (or unknowingly) just follow people in packs and just obey without question. I don’t get that in these grade groups. So I don’t go in these. I mean, it sounds just awful. Do what you want and where you want. Not ‘do what I want and where I want’.

Okay, so after writing that I am just thinking that you guys might think that I have no friends or something. And to assure you all, I have friends. In fact, it was my friend and I who both realized this at lunch today, so I wanted to post this.

But going back to the topic I was just on, it was odd seeing that while I was eating in the lunch room. I mean, I always got it because of all those movies with those stereotypes about jocks and all, but it was weird seeing it in my little  school.

My school is not huge, so you wouldn’t really expect small schools to have such groups in each class, but there was. And it was just crazy to realize it.

Oh and one more thing. If you go to school, the next time you go try to see if you have people groups or grade groups. It might surprise you that you have some, or it might not. I don’t know, but I hope you see something new. Especially if there is a new kid. New kids always go to a group, they usually do .


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