School is HERE!

Summer has finally come to an end, and school is slowly coming in.

School for me is August 29th, which is today , so I am super excited!! I mean, that means I will be super duper busy so I can’t post as much (even though I definitely will try to post at all times), but it also comes after-school activities and hanging out with friends and schoolwork. But then again, school is so close and I am nervous.

Now you’d probably thinking that being nervous over school is probably pretty dumb because it’s just school, and I have gone to school enough to know that school is not nerve-racking or anything.

And honestly, I agree with you 100%. But this year at my school two of the teachers that I had classes with left my school, which means I need new teachers in those classes. And guess what? I have those classes again this year obviously. Mostly because they were necessary classes, not like specials such as music or art. They were Social Studies and ELA.

But honestly, meeting new teachers will be good for me and will help me a lot.I just feel like this year will be great for me.

I will do a bigger update after school today, but for now. I gotta go to school. BYE!


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