How the First Day of School is Like

The first day of school. Where you get to see all your friends again and learn new things in the new school year. Something I really really enjoy. And today was my first day of school, and I want to let you all in on in it, and just tell you my experience. And maybe some information you should know going back to school. But to be perfectly honest with you all, school is nothing scary or hard or horrible.

So my first day started out normal, although there were some changes, it was fine.

Honestly, I really like the first day of school. There isn’t excessive learning or anything like that. It’s just getting to know the maybe new teachers you might have and saying hi to your friends and telling everyone about how your summer was.

Telling everyone your summer honestly will get annoying. Having them repeatedly asking you how your summer was and what you did. But by the second day that all goes away.

This day of school for me was especially fun, I don’t know why. It just felt different from the other years of school I have had before. It made me feel really happy that I was there, which usually on the first day of school I am just personally peeved that I am there in the in the first place.

And personally, school for me is fun. Mostly the first day back just because during the end of summer nearing school time, I begin to get bored of the summer. I guess that’s because summer can be fun, but only to an extent, and when summer was ending I guess I was happy because I would become busy again and see my friends!!

And today was really great for me, and I am so happy about that.

Oh and also, what makes me even happier is that I am going to have time to post during school days! Not all school days, but some. I was thinking that I would have absolutely no time to blog when school came and that I would be absolutely busy, but I think I’ll be able to post and that will be awesome. I might not post on weekends though, so I hope you all know that.

And I cannot wait for tomorrow’s school day because I will have fun and I will probably not learn because it’s the second day of school, but I assure you all that it will be great, and I just cannot wait for this school year and to see what it brings.



  1. I love this! Very true. I like school too, especially the first day. I think a lot of people actually miss it and don’t say it. 🙂 I can’t wait to go back.


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