400 Word Rant

So I am going to do a rant on going back to school in 400 words. Let’s start.

Basically, going back to school is one of those things that people have a love-hate relationship with. But I honestly and literally do not even get that, because school is fun. So how can you be like, “I hate school!” because why do you have to hate something that you have to do anyways. It’s inevitable.

School contains your friends, and who wouldn’t want to see their friends. Your friends are people that you might not be able to see all the time, and if you only get to see them at school, cherish school! You wanna see them, never see them. But luckily for me, I get to see my friends sometimes in the summer, all the time at school, and sometimes on weekends when it is school time. So school is good right?

Plus, school helps you LEARN! Why else would you go? Like I mean, there’s really no point in hating it. You go there, you learn, you get an education, you get a job, you become successful. Boom. All that comes from going to school and sitting in classes.

Surprising right? Well it shouldn’t be. It’s literally easy as pie.

If you want an education. Go to SCHOOL.


Good. Now I am in school still, but right now it’s summer for me! Good right? Until I realize that school is literally next week Monday. I am honestly fine with that, expect with the concept that I will be having all new teachers except one teacher.

Now the idea of new teachers partially makes me nervous, just because what if they don’t teach me well? What if they aren’t kind to any of us students?

But I now realize I am being paranoid, because really. The teachers are teachers because they want to help. They wouldn’t get a degree in the subject they are working in just to be a teacher and get money. Because really, a person’s career is something that they want to do. And they wouldn’t do something they hate. Obviously.

But everyone really should think more of school in my opinion. It is really a blessing to be going to school at all and they should be thankful. I hope you are. Some kids can’t. So be grateful. Always be grateful.


That was my 400 word rant. I like doing these, so I might keep on doing them. And sorry for not doing Fishin’ the Quotes every Tuesday, I just hate the idea of having scheduled posts, so I will do that randomly, as well as these numbered rants.


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