What the Olympics have shown ME

Literally every year watching the Olympics I have loved it. But honestly, if I am being honest with you all, this is the first year that I have watched the Olympics and paid attention. That sounds horrible, I know. But my attention span is weird. Sometimes I will pay attention, and then sometimes I will dose off into a daydream. Anyways, the Olympics have shown me a little bit about things that I want to share with you, so ON WE GO!

1.If you want to accomplish something you must start somewhere. I have always never really know where to start when I want to do something. I mean, I know where to start, but it’s kind of hard to begin somewhere. Like I am always hesitant in where to begin, but I guess that’s with everyone. Everyone has doubts about things, and I guess that my main doubt area is figuring out where to start anything.

2.There’s no point in giving up. Why do you even have the thoughts about giving up? Unless whatever you are going for is not for you, then you should absolutely not be giving up. What is the point? You’ll just go back to stage one if you give up, leaving you nowhere to go.

3.Talent takes practice. Of course, the usual phrase you hear EVERYWHERE, practice makes perfect. But honestly, why should you not practice if you want something. If you want something, go for it, with no hesitation whatsoever. If you don’t practice, your skills at what you are doing will stay the same, and they will never get better.

4. Try, Try Again. If you fail, try again. There is nothing else I can say but that.

And that is all! That is what I learned from the Olympics- or realized at least. I already knew all of these, but I guess that watching the gymnastics and running portion of the Olympics really opened my mind and showed me these. Hope you enjoyed this!!



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