Movie Time!!

It’s movie time!! *shoves popcorn in face*Sorry about that, it’s just movie time always brings out the weirdest of me.

Movie times are just my way of relaxing, “procrastinating”, and having some me time. Now, by procrastination I don’t mean literally putting something off, I just mean putting stuff off that you will do later, but just not at the moment.

I mean, movie times for me are really just  a time to be stress-free. It’s like being at the actual movies, but with no people and just you and maybe other people. Honestly, it’s really fun how it can go. You do whatever you want in movie times, and basically as saying they are your stress-free time of the month, week, or year, you want to spend them the right way.

I really like spending mine in school year season time, because during the summer I am all relaxed, and there is nothing I need that could make me stressed in the summer. It’s really all fun in the sun during summer for me.

But in school time, oh boy.

During school, I am a hot mess. I am doing school work PLUS gymnastics, and I find that a tinsy bit hard to balance, because I am trying to deal with the priorities of school, as well as the priorities of gymnastics.

Now not everyone gets stressed, and thats a good thing. But even if you don’t get stressed, you can still do movie times just for the fun of it. Get a couple friends, sit down, and laugh together watching a movie.

Now that’s a perscription I’d take for stress.



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