Fishin’ the Quotes #2

“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.”

This quote is simply amazing, because I know how it feels to relate to this quote. I have had plenty of times where people tell me I can’t do something because of whatever reason, and I do it. And when I do it, it makes it a thousand times more worth it because I then realize I have defeated the odds. I have defeated the odds by going out and doing something that people would think I would NEVER do.

My older brother thought that I could not do gymnastics at all. But I wanted to do it anyways. I was in fourth grade and when I saw other kids talking about gymnastics, Dance Moms, and other things gymnastics related (I know, Dance Mom’s is not gymnastics but whateverr) I wanted to do it. I wanted to be a person who could do a back hand spring or something like that. I wanted to do that. And ever since then it has been my goal to become a skilled gymnast.

No matter what it takes, because I give up, I am giving in to those people. Letting those people know that I really can’t do it. But I can do it!!! I can do WHATEVER I put my mind to! And to this day, I still do gymnastics, and no I am not amazing as you’d think I be, because I didn’t exactly start in fourth grade.

I started in around.. fifth grade? Yep, fifth grade. Sounds crazy that it literally took me a year to realize that gymnastics was my passion, but it did.

And to other people out there trying to defeat the odds, don’t just defeat the odds, conquer the odds.

And truthfully, it is not even all about those people that you have to do it to prove it to, it’s doing it for yourself. You are doing it to make yourself happy, not just to make a point. Because in the end, what is really the point of making a point:

Being happy?


Being correct?

I choose being happy.

Do what you want kiddo! Do whatever you being makes you happy. Don’t let someone come out there and force you to do it. Do it on your own will, because it will tell you that that is what you truly want, and what you truly want is what you want so much that you don’t need someone pushing you out there before you make the first step.

I feel like I sound so cheesy and cliche, but I am not meaning to. That is literally how I am 100% percent of the time.

So yeahhhh!! I hope you got something out of all that, because I did myself writing it!



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