Balancing Blogging, Life, and more.

Yes!! I am posting today!!

I am becoming a little bad a this balancing thing, and I am really trying to work it out, for the sake of wanting to blog. Well, what I consider bad, meaning that I didn’t blog for three days. And I know three days is literally not a lot of days to go about not blogging, but it is for me.

So on Saturday it dawned upon me that I am beginning to have to balance blogging and life, and I usually have an easy time with balancing things, because I have a schedule planner, making it all a heck easier.

Lately it has been a bit crazy for me (I am fine though) and I have not had time to blog, well on the weekends, as you might have guessed. I have been frequently blogging on the weekdays and barely blogging on weekends. And I am honestly trying to fix that, but I don’t think it’ll get any better, especially when school comes into the batter.

I really think that I am beginning to understand the matter of balancing things in life, because last time I wrote a post similar to this, I didn’t really fully understand it as I do now. I was just writing about it, because I knew it was going to happen sooner or later to me. But I thought it would begin when school was going to begin.

It’s weird how I have nothing to say about this, except I am sorry.

But I know that I shouldn’t be, and that I should live my life freely not worrying what people are going to think.

So I am good. It has taken a little while to adjust to the fact that sometimes I may not be able to post everyday, but I am good. I finally have come to the realization that it’s fine.

But I will post. I will not slack off. And I will give my reason for being away (although part of it was just some family stuff) in a blog post tomorrow.

This post was short and sweet, but I hope it got to the point.


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