Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

No, I don’t mean the quote. I mean what it literally says, don’t judge a book by it’s cover.People judge books all the time. And I this realization came to my mind yesterday, when I went to the library with my younger brother.

I followed my brother around as he was getting books, and as he was getting books I noticed that he looked at the cover first, then put the book down if he did not want it. So I asked him why he was doing that without reading a description of the book and he explained to me that he looks at the cover first and if the cover is nice he would take the book, if not he wouldn’t.

And this surprised me, because do authors really have to make the cover look amazing to grab readers?

I know that covers are important. But what if the book itself is better than the cover, and you did not read the book because of the cover?? Then you are just missing out on a good book.

I don’t like the thought of how you look at a cover design, and if it is “ugly” you don’t get the book. Because that reminds me of clothing, or how people think of other people.

Some people can look at someone, and in one second, they have a paper report written already on what they think of that person. But you have not been close to that person or have not talked to them. So you don’t know anything about them, so why do you even bother to judge them? Or when someone sees someone wearing clothing that they define as “hideous” or “ugly”, they immediately think odd of that person, as if their clothes make them up. And their clothes don’t make them who they are, and their looks don’t make them them. 

Books shouldn’t be like that. Like society. In the way that books are like humans too, they they are also judged, even though they aren’t even living things.

And honestly, it surprises me that people are bringing books into the batter, and that kids already know about judging at such a young age.

I feel as if this was short, but I just wanted to post something along the lines of this because I felt as if I needed to. And blogging is something that I feel safe writing anything on, so I just did.



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