Birthday Parties, Family visits..

I did not post yesterday.

And I am very sorry, but as I said in my last post, for me family is first. So I was not going to miss my brothers birthday or miss the opportunity that my niece or cousin (I do not know if she’s my niece or cousin..) comes over for the first time in forever. And no I am not meaning to reference Frozen.

So as I was saying, this was an important time for my family and  I had to be there. I could not bail on everyone because of blogging.

And I am not trying to say that blogging is not important to me. It is important to me. Why wouldn’t I love blogging?

I am trying to say that blogging is important to me, but I also had to be there at these important life moments, and I had to not blog for one day because of it. I love blogging, I really do. But some moments call for important measures. Like not blogging for one day.

And maybe these kind of things will happen once in a while, like if we’re going on vacation. But I assure you they will not happen a lot, because I will not ditch blogging.

I made a commitment when I started blogging that I would blog whenever and whatever. I would not miss seven days or more of blogging at all. Because I chose blogging, and when you choose something to do, you care about it and WANT  to do it.

So you’re going to see a lot of my blogs posted, just because. Also because I feel a little bad that I did not post yesterday.



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