How to Balance School AND Blogging

Being a student and a blogger myself, I do understand the hardships of blogging and doing school at the same time. So I thought it would be fitting to do a blog post about how to handle both at the same time smoothly, since school is only less than a month away for me.

As a blogger at the moment, I have been blogging frequently once a day, since it is summer. But I have a plan to be put in action as soon as school comes back into the picture.

My plan is to either pre-blog (I don’t think that that is a word) the blog post so I can just easily put the blog post up without having to take the time to write it. I know that if I write it on that day I will waste so much time because I have to do schoolwork after school, and it takes me an hour to write my blog posts, so I really don’t want to take an hour of a school day when I could be studying for a test or a quiz, or doing my homework.

But I don’t like this idea in a major way.

I like to write my blog post on that day.

I do not like the idea of just posting a draft I had saved each day. I feel as if that for me will take all the fun out of blogging. Because, the point of blogging to have fun and experience it. Not just each day posting pre-made blogs, as if it is your job. As if you have to do it, not that you want to do it. So scratch that idea.

Ooh! I think I have an idea. Okay, so I am thinking that maybe if I just think of the blog post idea, and write down all the ideas I have in mind to write in the post, it’ll be a little stressful in the upcoming school year.

I think that’s going to work, but to finish it off I am going to add a journal.

Getting a journal will help you write down all the main ideas for you blog post and all the ideas you have for a post so you won’t have to think of one on the spot. It’ll keep the fun in blogging, but make it less stressful in the school department.

I think we solved that problem pretty easily. So I hope you use the ideas that I came up with that fit you, if you are in school or are just busy and want to use it.



  1. I know I’m about a year behind, but here’s how I’ve always balanced blogging and school:

    I queue up posts, as Ms. Chin mentioned above. Whenever I have free time (which isn’t a lot, since I’m a graduate student working on her master’s thesis, working two part-time jobs, and wanting to hang out with my boyfriend/other friends, too), I work like mad on my blog. I’ll write two to three blog posts during this time, and schedule them up. I’ve got a set posting period of Sundays for book reviews, Wednesday for recipe reviews, and Fridays for random rambles (I may have to streamline that into something different, though). I’ll work on whichever category is in most dire need of help at the time. Sometimes I’ll go back through and pull out an old draft and work on it and polish it up. Posting pre-made/queued posts is not a bad thing to do if you’re low on time. A lot of major blogs work that way, too.

    Journaling is a great idea, and it’ll let you keep track of the ideas you’ll want to write. (Sometimes I’ll write out ideas for blog posts in a notebook and type them up when I get home.)

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    1. I’m not a graduate student, but as student in school so far I’ve gotten the drift that school and blogging combined is not as easy as people show it to be.
      Everyone’s busy so having the same schedule for everything can’t work for everyone, but your system seems pretty good and I’ll take your word that it works well.
      Pre-made drafts have become my best friend now- besides my real best friend of course. I just dust them up and polish them off, and then they’re good to go.
      I just write out quick little portions for posts, because they always come to me randomly. In fact, on Monday we ordered from a Chinese restaurant and when I opened up my fortune cookie, the fortune gave me the perfect idea for an upcoming blog post, so I kept that.
      Little things like fortune cookie papers I keep for a short time, because give me
      great ideas for posts.


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