Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO. It is a game that has been played a lot recently. So a little while back I decided to download the app, to see what all the fuss was about it, because my brothers kept texting me to do so. So I gave up saying no.   And so I have decided just to do a post on my blog about it, to tell you guys what I personally thought about it.


First of all, when I saw the game I was like, ” I am NOT playing this. Wasn’t it the game that was like on the news about 5 times?”. And it was. It really was. It was that game on the news that you’d see about people getting caught in lures and dying and getting hit by cars. Yup, that game.

But anyways, despite what all the sources everywhere said, I still got the app.

And I partially liked it. Partially. I liked how you got to go outside and search for Pokemon around places. That was really fun for me to do with friends.

But my question is: Why are people making it dangerous?

In the game, you should still have your real-world senses around you. You should not turn off everything around you because you are playing a game.

That is the one thing I dislike about the game. It’s not fair for some people that they have to be so careful when they play because there are people out there in the world who want to play dangerously. Like, why can’t people just be humane and not do deadly things? I feel as if that will never change, but I know I cannot fix that.

So overall, the game is great. But if annoying and bad parts of the game disappeared, then I would feel really happy and more secure with playing the game.

I would love to hear your opinion about the game in the comments, so feel free to write what you think in the game!







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