“Everybody Makes Mistakes.”

“Everybody makes mistakes.” That phrase is a phrase that I hear everywhere. Everybody says, “Everybody makes mistakes.”, because it’s true. Everybody does something that later in their life they will regret, or does something accidentally that is wrong. We all do it, nothing to be ashamed of! But why is it that making mistakes is important?

Now. Most people would understand easily that making mistakes is so you can learn from your mistakes and become better from them.

Yeah, that’s true.

But it is also because making mistakes makes you not perfect. If people never made mistakes, all we would be doing is sitting here as prissy perfectionists, because we cannot do anything wrong whatsoever.

And I think that would get pretty boring after a while.

Because, don’t you want to feel the thrill of accomplishing something? Don’t you want to be happy with yourself because you succeeded something? I know I would. It gives excitement, the feeling of accomplishing something is a great feeling.

So, may I ask, why are people wanting to be perfectionists?

I guess people want to be perfectionists because the don’t like the idea of failing and disappointing others. I get that. But still. How do people think the famous people in the world, like gymnast Gabby Douglas, got where she was? She got where she was by practicing, and if she failed, oh well because she could just keep trying until she had done it right.

Being perfect would also be boring, there would be nothing to do, nothing to fix. You can do everything Yay. Now what? You can’t go play basketball against someone because you both know the same moves because you are perfect.

That is the boredom of perfection. You are all the same. Nothing different about anybody on the earth if everyone is perfect. That is why I am gonna stay as a person who makes mistakes forever because that me just who I am. A clumsy person who can make mistakes.


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