Blogging is like a journal.

Sorry with all these analogies. I don’t know if you dislike them or not, but they are pretty interesting for me to write about. Analogies are a topic to me that you could spend hours explaining (not really) so I like to write them. So where was I? Oh yeah. Blogging is like a journal.

Blogging is like a personal journal to be specific. You get to write whatever you want. It won’t matter. It’s yours. Nobody can come and tell you what your “journal” should be for. Even if they did, why should they? It’s yours. You “bought” it and now you own it. So keep it as yours.My “journal” is for everything. I write anything I want, and I don’t care. Because if someone truly hated my “journal”, they don’t have to come around reading my “journal” because what is the point of spending time doing something that clearly you don’t like?

If you don’t like blogging, just think if you like to write in journals. I know I like to write in journals. And if you like to write in your journal, you basically like to write blogs because writing a blog is just like writing in a journal. You open it, and write whatever you want. You own it. It’s yours. Easy as pie.

Instead of writing a blog in your “journal”, you could write a story in your “journal”. Have you ever heard of Wattpad? Wattpad is a website where you can write and read other people’s stories. The things people write on there is not even published, but who really cares?  I have heard of this only not long ago, and I know that is pretty sad because the app has been up for forever. So I have tried out this app and loved it. I will still be posting, just to let you guys know.  If you like to write, Wattpad could be your “journal”.

I’ve been pretty busy, but I am still going to post each day. Thank you for reading, and I hope you read tommorrow’s blog!! GOODBYE!


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