Back to School Butterflies

I don’t know how many, but I do know that some of you are going back to school, and maybe are a little nervous. But it’s ok! School always gives everybody butterflies in their stomachs. So today, I wanted to write about some tips to help you out when going back to school.

 Everyone is in the same boat as you. Now you might think that everyone else but you are ready for school, and is ready to conquer that first day. 
Not so much. In fact, most people are also probably a bit nervous, even if they are going back to the same school because they could have new teachers, new students, NEW EVERYTHING. Even if nothing new is at your school, you’re still be a bit nervous but thats fine! You got this!!
School is supposed to be fun, not terrible. You may believe that school is the opposite of fun. Well I don’t believe that at all, I have just been told that many times that school is terrible…. Anyways, school is supposed to be fun! Make the most of it! Why should you be grumpy in the place that you will spend a lot of your childhood.
Don’t be shy to ask for help. The teachers are there to help. They want to help you succeed. So do not be scared to and be the best student you can be. Because failing school because you didn’t want to ask a question is never good. 
Give a good impression about yourself. When a teacher sees you, you don’t want them to see you in a negative way, you want the teacher to believe that you are the amazing student you are from the start. 

You gotta work to make them see you the right way, and if making the first impression is the way to lock it in their brains as you as good student that is what you are going to do!
You still there? Good. School talk is pretty boring, but that’s alright. You got to do what you got to do to make school great!
I hope you all (all who are in school) have an amazing school year, and conquer it well.


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