What keeps me creative?

My friends have asked me countless times of how I always keep my “creative juices” flowing for all my blog ideas. And to answer that question, I get my blog ideas from anything. YouTube, people, TV Shows, my garage, and more. The top two things that keep me creative are my garage and watching movies. But lately, watching movies have been doing me good service.

Right now I am writing this post while watching a movie. Which is kind of odd.

Watching movies just helps me relax and sometimes I usually get random ideas just from watching the movie. This is how I have always worked, so when I would do homework for school, I would start watching some YouTube videos to keep me motivated to keep working.

Now that I think about it, it’s mostly motivation that keeps me moving.  It’s watching videos on YouTube that gives me the motivation to work harder because when I watch videos I see all these creative videos that people have made. When I see people who have created something amazing and have put it out for the world to see, I suddenly want to do that, except in blogging.

So I guess anything is this world that I see as inspiration, will give me my “creative juices”.



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