A Vote of Happiness.

I absolutely love being my own critic.

As my own critic, I dislike some things that I post. If I have any followers on my blog, you will know that earlier today I posted a blog that was about the day that I got glasses. And for those of you who have read my past posts, you will know that I don’t post things like that. Posts about story times, or DIY posts. That is not me.

I like posting things on my blog that are important to me, because I don’t see the point of getting up each day and writing a post on your blog that you aren’t absolutely happy with, so I deleted that post. Yep, I deleted it. And I deleted it out of a vote of happiness. I was not happy with that post. It did not give me the joy that other posts give me when I am writing them. I did not like it. Blogging is seriously something that I like, and I am not going to use my blog to post things on my blog that I don’t like, and am just posting for the people, but not for me.

Write what makes you happy! That is what I am doing right now!

I’d like to think that as a judge of my own blog, as a critic for my blog, I believe that I am doing a good job at it. That I am writing things that I qualify appropriate for my blog. And I’d like to thank you guys for reading this blog, because you read this and enjoy it. And that simply shows me that I am doing a good job of writing what I like. Of writing what makes me happy when I look back at it.

Now, I have written down in my journal several blog post ideas that I have come up with. That are original. I like doing things the original way. So I think as my own judge, I have written my blog in a way so far that is original. And using the vote of happiness, they are all approved.

Guys, post things that you approve. Not things that other people approve. Because if someone else approves it and gives you things to change about your idea that you thought was perfect, it’s not your blog anymore. It is just them taking over something that you like and really cared about.

I devote portions of my time to making good blog posts, and I encourage you to do the same. 🙂




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