Books? Reading?

Reading. A subject that makes me wonder where we are in society. I don’t like the thought of how books are constantly being replaced by other forms of technology that can also digitally give you the book you want in a second. But I have one question: Will books still be read about 50 years from now?

Reading books is something that makes me so happy. It’s fun for me to sit down anywhere and just read.  But it’s sad for me to think about how books might now always be around. Reading is something that made me get into writing, and without that I don’t know what I would like right now. Now, I love technology, we need it. Without it we wouldn’t have the same lives we have right now, and I really absolutely appreciate that. But what I don’t understand is why the books are being pushed out because we have a more accessible way of getting them. There’s no reason to push out the old because of the new.

This society has trends. And these trends are basically another way of saying, “Throw out that memory, we don’t need it anymore.” A lot of words nowadays don’t say what they actually mean. Clothes, phones, TV shows,  and games. All things that are trends. Everyday we look up and see a new trend. One day there could be a popular game, and the next day there will be a new game, because the other game got ‘boring’ and its  trend broke. That is not how it should be. Important things should stay in this world. They shouldn’t be pushed out into the trash like a child growing out of imaginary friends. Memories should stay with people forever, and if books are a way to keep memories alive, then we should keep books not throw them out!

I will always believe books are important, and that is one thing that I think will never change about me. I am not saying that I hate people who don’t like to read. I honestly and truthfully respect all kinds of people. I just want to be heard because this is a topic that to me, cannot go unsaid.



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