Traffic. When I say that, you probably picture a long line of cars on a road. But that is not what I mean. What I’m saying is, when you are writing a blog post, do you every get stuck? That’s traffic. Writing+No Ideas=TRAFFIC.

It doesn’t matter what you are writing, you’ll probably still get a little traffic, because it’s always hard trying to start out a blog and figuring out what you want your first post to be. Traffic for some people can be major, because since some people want their blogs to be to perfect. The best that they can to. Nothing less. Why would you want to post something that is not your best work? You obviously want to post a blog that you are happy with.

Inspiration to me, is hard to achieve. I am a person who wants their posts to be the best that they can be, so I usually have minor traffic. As a teen blogger, I want to be taken seriously as any other blogger. So that motivation makes me work super hard on my blog.

I have had times when I would stay up all night and try to think of blog ideas to post for the next day, and that never works for me. I guess you could say I had no ideas because I wasn’t in my ‘writing room’, which would probably be true because I thought of this blog post as soon and I sat down in my pink chair in front of my computer in my garage.


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