An Evolving Question

This is a question that I feel could be answered many different ways by the same person. Why do I write? What makes me want to write? What is my inspiration? I do not know how to answer this question, to be honest. I know that I have said before I write because writing is something that comes easily to me, but I don’t find that as my answer.

I write because writing is something that I have always wanted to do. As a little kid I would try to make books and stories, and they all came out good, looking back at them. Even as a little girl I would write amazingly good story ideas. Writing is the one thing in my life that I never let go of. I had quit gymnastics, but even through that I never had one considered of stopping my writing. I just couldn’t. It was the one thing that made me smile. Going into English class, I knew it was a class that I liked. Never actually mentioned that one, but I just felt how happy I was when the teacher gave us a writing prompt to do. I would do it, and I would be the slowest person to do it, because I just wrote everything so carefully that it was ideal.

Starting a blog has been one of the moments in my life I won’t ever regret, because it’s something that I can do and be proud of. And that is why I like writing, it’s something that I can progress in and have the learning skills of it get harder and harder, but I will just ‘surf on the waves’. It’s something that I will just push harder and harder in, because I really like it and do not want to just walk away from it. Sometimes it can take a little while for me to write something that I am proud of, and that is fine for me. It could take an hour or so, and I’d be fine. I want to do it, so why step away from something I like?

The community of WordPress has really had an impact on me. It has made me feel and think like a better writer. Before, I would blog about random topics that weren’t really worth writing. As I have been on WordPress and read blogs that other people have written I can really see blogging from a different perspective now. People blog about book reviews, world problems, or movie reviews. Anything. But it’s the way that the write it that speaks to me. I used to imagine blogging just as a website that I would go on it and write whatever came to mind. But now that I have actually seen a blogging site, I really feel like my writing has changed a whole lot. It has become more mature and interesting, and I love that. I love how people on WordPress will reply to my comments when I ask for constructive criticism. Everyone is friendly and does whatever they can to help out a person that they don’t even know, succeed on their blog. That is what I call amazing.

Now, I could have another writer write a response on why they write, and it would be so different from what I just wrote. And that is what makes writing special. Not everyone is going to have the same opinion as you, everybody is different. Writing is filled with different opinions and thoughts and that sums up why I like it. I can go onto someone else’s blog and read about I topic I just did, and read what they think about it. Writing is expressing yourself, and I love to express myself. I want people to think about me in a good way, and I guess my way of doing that is writing. Everyone can have different ways of expressing themselves. And that is fine for me. I like writing. No, I love writing. It is a huge passion of mine, and I will never let anyone ruin it for me, because if you let someone ruin it for you, what’s the point? Do what you want and want what you do. Be happy with yourself. It’s a great way to smile.




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    I just found this wonderful blog called Gianna and Gemini and though this is a rather old post, I do love it, I have similar feelings about how WordPress and the Blogging Community has changed me. I feel more official as a writer, and I know I have support through everything I do, which is a really amazing feeling. I love writing, reading other people’s writing, and then getting feedback or giving it. It just makes you feel like you’re a part of something. And sometimes that’s all you need. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I love your blog! I write because I like to create things. By writing a post, I am creating something uniquely my own that no one has created before, with my own words and my own feelings. Also, I have so many thoughts flowing through my head at any given time that it helps to write them all down to keep them organized!


  3. Great post! I agree with what you said about WordPress. I love how it is creating a positive reputation for blogging; there are so many bloggers on here who are fantastic writers and it’s so great that they get a chance to self-publish their work so that other people can enjoy it


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