The Writing Room.

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In the writing room, I am in a comfortable and quiet space. The writing room is an office area. It is where you sit down, go onto your blog and spill out words onto a blank page. The writing room can be anywhere, from the outdoors to your closet. It just has to be somewhere where you can sit down in a free place and write your heart out.

Everybody has a writing room. You don’t have to call the room ‘writing room’ for it to be your writing room. I have a writing room, my garage. I work best my garage. I never really specified it as a writing room until now. I have realized that when I want to write, I go there and think. It’s relaxing. Now, you shouldn’t go out building a room in you house so you can have a writing room. Just find a place in your house that is your favorite place to go.

My garage is a big space. Not much stuff is in it, so I can walk around it and run around in an effort to think. I have a pink chair and a table with a computer on it, on the opposite end of the door from my house to the garage. Somehow, looking around the garage gives me ideas. There isn’t anything in my garage that can spark up ideas for most people. It just has cleaning products, firewood, and so on. I don’t see how any of that helps me think of the blog ideas that I have, but I guess it does and I am very happy that it does. What is you writing room?



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